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    Every hockey player needs a good pair of skates. In order to get the best performance and remain comfortable while playing hockey, it’s important that you lace your hockey skates properly. Hockey skates can’t be slipped on like a pair of shoes, they must be laced properly so you can … Read more
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    In hockey, the player’s stats in the plus-minus section indicate whether or not a player was on the ice at the time of a goal. If you are on the ice and someone scores a goal, you get a plus; if you are on the ice and the opposing team … Read more
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    A hockey line is a group of three forward players, a left-winger, a center, and a right-winger, who take shifts in a game. While there are multiple positions to cover in this sport, only the forward groups are considered a line. Each team uses multiple groups of players on the … Read more
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  • What Happens When the Stanley Cup is Full?
    One of the most unique features of the Stanley Cup trophy is that each player’s name, who is a part of the team that wins the Stanley Cup Finals, is etched onto the bottom ring of the multiple bands that comprise everything below the cup.  When the Stanley Cup’s bands … Read more
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    Not too long ago, if you went to an NHL game, you would be virtually guaranteed a good fight. Nowadays? They are as rare as hen’s teeth. Thankfully, cameras were there recording the punch-ups of years past. This means that while you won’t see many fights in current NHL games, … Read more
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    For a team that is primarily focused on offense, the power play is the holy grail on ice. Much time and elaborate tactical ingenuity go into planning for the distinct advantage of the power play, as it is inevitable that it will be an opportunity in every matchup.  The power … Read more
  • How Many Stanley Cups are There? (Facts!)
    If you’re not familiar with the game of hockey, you would probably assume that there is only one Stanley Cup. In a way, that’s true, as there is only one Cup that the players celebrate ultimate victory in the Stanley Cup finals.  The fact is, there are 3 Stanley Cups, … Read more
  • How Many Stanley Cups did Gretzky Win?
    Wayne Gretzky is regarded as the best hockey player ever for good reason. His NHL career began when he joined the Edmonton Oilers in 1979. He picked up the Hart Trophy for the NHL’s Most Valuable Player in his first season. The titles didn’t stop there, though.  Wayne Gretzky won … Read more
  • How Do You Qualify to Get Your Name on the Stanley Cup?
    There are few sports trophies as legendary as Lord Stanley’s Cup. This article will tell aspiring hockey players how they might have their names inscribed on this historic piece of sport’s memorabilia. The Stanley Cup is one of the only major trophies that engraves club participants noting important members and … Read more
  • What is Crease in Hockey? (With Picture)
    Ice hockey is a winter sport played using ice skates on a skating rink with specific markings. During the match, two teams compete on the ice rink with the help of a hockey stick and a puck or rubber disk. A goalie is positioned at the goal line or crease … Read more
  • Hockey Levels by Age: (Explained With Tables)
    Youth hockey has quite a bit of levels that are classified based on the age groups of the players and their respective skill levels. It can be confusing at first to get the hang of the names. For example, it’s hard to know what age group is Midget and what … Read more
  • How Do NHL Hockey Playoffs Work?
    When it comes to getting into hockey, one of the most confusing things for new fans can be how, exactly, the playoffs work. There are so many teams and so many games, it can be difficult to understand who makes it to the playoffs and just what it takes to … Read more
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    If you go to an NHL game, there’s a chance that you’ll see two players drop their gloves and start fighting. Hockey is one of the only sports in the world that allows fighting as part of the game. Why does the NHL allow fighting in hockey? The NHL allows … Read more
  • CCM vs Bauer: Which Brand is Better?
    CCM and Bauer are two of the most dependable ice hockey manufacturers, producing everything from skates to sticks, gloves, leggings, helmets, goalie equipment, and more. Since both of these brands are heavily advertised and used by NHL players, consumers can be confident that they will receive high-quality products regardless of which … Read more
  • Bauer Vapor Vs Supreme: Which is Better?
    Bauer hockey skates come in a variety of models and styles ranging from professional to recreational. However, when comparing the Bauer Supreme to the Vapor skate models, it’s all about the fit. The Vapor hockey skate is best suited to narrow feet, while the Bauer Supreme hockey skate is most … Read more
  • What Is Snap Shot In Hockey? (With Pictures)
    There are a number of popular moves in hockey known for their power and/or speed. One of the most effective of these is the snap shot, which is often considered to be the goal-scoring shot in matches and is a favorite among top players. A combination of two other moves, … Read more
  • What To Do If My Hockey Skates Are Too Big?
    When it comes to getting into hockey, many new skaters find themselves stuck with a pair of skates that just don’t fit right. Some parents may even purposely buy their child a larger pair of skates so that they have room to grow. The problem is that if your hockey … Read more
  • How Much Do NHL Refs Make? (Per Game – Per Year!)
    Referees in the NHL earn anything from $1,000 to $4,000 every game they officiate. Referees can work up to three or four games each week, bringing their yearly remuneration to between $115,000 and $350,000. On the other hand, a referee who is chosen to officiate a Stanley Cup playoff game … Read more
  • What Is Slapshot in Hockey? (Take It In 4 Simple Steps)
    Slapshots are named after the slapping sound that’s produced when a player raises the stick backwards up until their waist and then hits the puck. A slapshot in hockey, more specifically in ice hockey, is a power play to get points and intimidate the opponent. It’s not necessarily un-allowed, but … Read more
  • What Is Backhand Shot in Hockey? (Complete Guide)
    Hockey is an immensely popular sport played in different versions in many countries across the globe. Hastening over an ice rink with a sharp bladed stick, each team of six players aims to defeat the other by pushing the puck, across the rink and into the goal, while the goalie … Read more
  • What Is Wrist Shots in Hockey? (Master It In 4 Simple Steps)
    Wrist shots are one of the most common shots in ice hockey since they are easy, fast, and also good in terms of accuracy. In comparison to other shots such as the slap shot, a wrist shot is oftentimes more efficient with regards to the fact that it’s more accurate … Read more
  • Bauer Supreme S29 Vs S180: Which Skate Is Better For You?
    Bauer’s Supreme S29 ice skates are considered the ideal skate for beginners who want maximum performance from their skates but don’t want to break the bank. The Bauer Supreme S180, on the other hand, is considered the ideal skates for players who are just getting serious about their game. If … Read more
  • Bauer Vs Easton: Which Hockey Brand Makes the Best Products?
    Bauer and Easton are both extremely popular, well-known brands for hockey equipment, skates and sticks. While both these brands have been heavily utilized and promoted by players and the NHL alike, this leaves consumers wondering which brand makes the better products?  The Bauer vs Easton debate has long been had, … Read more
  • Graf Vs Bauer: Which Brand Is Better?
    Both Graf and Bauer are considered highly reputable ice hockey brands that manufacture professional skates. While Graf is regarded as a more international brand compared to Bauer, both are considered outstanding and used by professionals and NHL players alike. As both are considered professional, reliable brands, your choice in skates … Read more
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    I’m so desperate to fix my hockey swing when my puck seems to wobble! It looks like a fidgety piece of rubber hopping up and down on the ice, instead of a nice clean shot by a pro! I figured out how to fix it, finally, and I’ll clue you … Read more
  • Why Does My Hockey Stick Rattle? (Find out Why!)
    I’ve been playing with my carbon fiber hockey stick, and it’s super annoying when I swing it to handle the puck, but there’s that rattling sound. The sound was caused by bits and pieces of carbon fiber that shook loose on the inside, thanks to my many games of rough-handling … Read more
  • How To Ship a Hockey Stick? (3 Ways Explained)
    I had to ship my former housemate’s hockey stick to him since he forgot it when he moved to a different state. I just told him to buy a used one or even a brand new one, but no, he insisted on getting his stick back. What could I do? … Read more
  • What’s cradling in lacrosse? Important Cradling Drills
    In lacrosse, cradling is a technique that we use to protect the ball from falling out of our net. There are seven major skills we need to learn to play lacrosse: scooping, throwing, catching, shooting, checking, dodging, and cradling. Cradling is my best lacrosse skill and I love to talk … Read more
  • Why Does My Hockey Helmet Hurt? Fit Research
    I have a wide head, which is why a regular-shaped hockey helmet hurts at my temples. Trust me, you don’t want to stick with a badly fitted helmet for too long—it causes headaches and you’re just trying to have a good time playing hockey. Maybe your head shape is different … Read more
  • Why Doesn’t The NHL Disclose Injuries? Here’s Why!
    In the National Hockey League, the specifics of injuries are generally kept pretty quiet. Hockey is a notoriously violent game, and one theory is that teams may want to keep injuries secret so as to keep their players from receiving targeted fouls on their most vulnerable areas. Additionally, an increased … Read more
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    I’ve been a member of a co-ed sports club for a long time, and it’s a lot of fun. Usually, I play the team sport Ultimate Frisbee, but also joined a lacrosse team just to see how I liked it. We’re all amateurs, so no one really knew the answer: … Read more
  • When Does The Average NHL Player Retire? (Why They Retire!)
    Hockey is quite a physical sport. Even more so than other contact sports in many cases. Between all the collisions, injuries, fighting, and daily wear and tear on the body, you might be wondering how long an NHL player’s career can usually last.  You might be surprised to find out … Read more
  • Difference Between Hockey Leagues: NHL – AHL – ECHL
    Hockey is an amazing sport that has been played since the early 1900s. It started as a popular Canadian sport but has since gained popularity across the entire world. With so many different teams, hockey has to be split up into different leagues based on skill. It can be hard … Read more
  • Why Do Lacrosse Players Throw Their Sticks? Here’s Why!
    Lacrosse is a popular active team sport played on grass using a lacrosse stick and ball as well as protective gear. At first, it may seem complicated or even daunting. But do not worry because, in this article, I will cover one of the most interesting and common questions of why … Read more
  • Why Do Girl Lacrosse Players Wear Skirts?
    Although lacrosse is not as well known as other sports, it can be a fun sport to watch. When it comes to watching female games though, they may ask, why do girl lacrosse players wear skirts? The simplest answer to this question is tradition. Since the beginning of the sport, … Read more
  • Why Do Lacrosse Players Have Mullets?
    If it’s the first time to meet or interact with lacrosse players, a lot will come to mind. A good number of these guys I have met spot trendy sporting flow hairstyles. In fact, I couldn’t understand the buzz behind the hairstyle and had a lot of questions to ask. … Read more
  • How Often Do Nhl Players Get New Skates?
    Many hockey fans wonder how often NHL players get new skates and what they do with the old ones; if you are one of them, you have come to the right place! On average, the NHL players get new skates every ten matches, and they keep the old ones for … Read more
  • What is a Quick Pitch in Baseball? (Explained for Beginners)
    In baseball, a quick pitch occurs when the pitcher doesn’t give the batter time to get set or pause before throwing the ball. It’s an illegal pitch that can result in a ball or balk depending on the situation because it can be dangerous. There are certain steps that need … Read more
  • How Do You Become an NHL Referee? (8 Steps)
    Becoming an NHL referee is actually pretty simple if you follow the steps and put in the work. Once you get the right gear and get the okay from your local hockey government, just register, pass the tests, attend a seminar, and start officiating as much as possible! Step 1: … Read more
  • Can a Goalie Be The Captain in NHL? (Goalie Captains in The History of NHL)
    Goalies often possess qualities like excellent athleticism, mental toughness, and good concentration, but are these qualities enough for them to be a captain? As a general rule goalie cannot officially be the captain in the NHL, as it goes against the Durnan rule, which states that no goaltender, coach, or … Read more
  • Can You Head The Puck in Hockey? (Real Example)
    Unfortunately, you cannot purposely head-butted the puck intending to score; the goal would not be counted. But, if the puck had accidentally hit the player’s head before being propelled into the goal, the goal will be counted.  Imagine it’s 2015, and you’ve got amazing seats to see the Chicago Blackhawks … Read more
  • Can You Catch The Puck In Hockey? (Handling and Hand Pass Rule)
    When it comes to hand-handling the puck, there are certain rules and regulations in ice hockey mentioned in the official NHL rulebook. As a general rule, The NHL player cannot catch the puck with a closed hand under any situation. The keyword here is “closed hand.” If the player catches … Read more
  • What Is a Balk in Baseball? 13 Ways a Pitcher Can Balk
    A balk is an act a pitcher does during a game of baseball that is illegal. When the pitcher balks, each person on base advances one base. This concept can get confusing because multiple acts can be considered a balk. A pitcher can do any one of 13 acts during … Read more
  • What Is the 5 Hole in Hockey? Explained for Beginners
    If you are a new or casual fan of hockey, you may have heard the term “5 hole,” before. If you’re confused as to what this means, look no further. In hockey, the 5 hole is a term used to describe the space between the legs of the goaltender.  Why is … Read more
  • How Do You Become an NHL UFA? (Read This First!)
    There are several paths to becoming an NHL UFA. These paths will be determined by the age of the player, as well as the number of seasons/games that they managed to play. The most common path to becoming an NHL UFA is to either be a minimum of 27-years-old or … Read more
  • How Do You Become an NHL Scout? Here’s How
    To become an NHL scout, you have to have specific qualifications. These qualifications include a detailed understanding of the sport and strong research and analytical skills. There are no academic requirements for becoming an NHL scout.  There are only two ways of becoming an NHL scout. The first way is … Read more
  • What Is GAA In Hockey? (Statistical Evaluations)
    What is GAA in hockey? In sports like field hockey, ice hockey, soccer, water polo etc., GAA, which stands for “Goals against Average”, refers to the average number of goals that are allowed by a goaltender in hockey, as in, the average number of times a goaltender fails to counter … Read more
  • What Is Embellishment in Hockey? 4 Question Answered (For Beginners)
    Embellishment, also known as diving, occurs whenever a hockey player pretends to be hurt and exaggerates their pain with the intention of getting the opposing team in trouble. Any player found guilty of embellishment is subject to penalties, per the official NHL rulebook. To find out more about embellishment in … Read more
  • What Are Offsides In Hockey? (3 Types of Offsides)
    Offsides are one of the most basic rules of just about any sport, including hockey, but what is it exactly? As a general rule, Hockey offsides are called whenever both of the player’s skates cross the blue attacking zone line before the puck completely crosses the same line. and there … Read more
  • Slew Foot In Hockey: What Is It?
    Slew foot is an important hockey term to know. It is essentially called whenever a player swipes an opponent’s legs or feet out from underneath them when coming in behind. Slew footing is incredibly dangerous because it knocks the player to their back, which is why it is penalized in … Read more
  • What Is A Bender In Hockey? (Explained for Beginners)
    Hockey players use a lot of slang when they are talking about the game. One of the common slang words they use is “bender”, which is a word used to describe a player who bends their ankles when they skate. While this word may seem harmless, it’s used in a … Read more
  • PIM in hockey: the game-changing statistic you need to know
    PIM is a system used in hockey to track penalties and stands for Penalty Infraction Minutes. Anytime a player breaks the rules in a hockey game, they will be subject to a penalty which means they will have to sit out of the game for a time period. The PIM … Read more
  • What Is A Forecheck In Hockey? (Explained)
    Many hockey fans have heard the term forecheck, but what exactly is it? what is the different system for it? and what is the Basics Of Forechecking? Here I will explain everything related to Forecheck in detail. Forecheck is a defensive play move that one team will make in the … Read more
  • What Is Icing In Hockey? (When Icing is allowed?!)
    If you’re new to the rules of hockey, one term you may be confused about is icing. icing in hockey is whenever a player shoots the puck from the center red line to the far side of the rink so that it passes the opposing team’s red goal line. Icing … Read more
  • What’s the Difference Between RFA and UFA in the NHL? (Explained In Details)
    In the National Hockey League (NHL) you have two specific kinds of free agents: Restricted Free Agents (RFAs), technically free agents that can receive offer contracts from teams throughout the league that can then be matched by the team their “player rights” are held by Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs) that … Read more
  • Can Softball Pitchers Throw Curveballs? (Explained For Beginner)
    Yes, softball pitchers can throw curveballs. If your team is in need of a touch of luck, try your hand at a curveball. A curveball is a pitch thrown with spin that heads towards the corner of the plate.  What Is The Difference between A Curveball and A Fastball? The … Read more
  • What is a Natural Hat Trick in Hockey? (Plus Interesting Facts)
     In hockey, the term hat trick is defined as 3 goals scored in a game by a single player. For a conventional hat trick to be a natural hat trick, the player must score 3 consecutive goals, which means 3 goals in a row. There must be no goals made by … Read more
  • What Is Under The Ice In a Hockey Rink? (Rink System)
    I have always been a fan of hockey and hockey rinks, but for the longest time, I never understood what was beneath the ice. How could a rink produce such a near-perfect sheet of ice year-round, even in the hottest states? As it turns out, there is a lot more … Read more
  • Shorts or Pants For Softball Players? (Back at the Beginning)
    Softball players can choose to wear shorts or pants. NCAA rules provide for the option for either in their rules. However, all players on the same team must be dressed in the same manner. In this article, I will provide information showing why the answer to the question about whether … Read more
  • What Should I Wear To Softball Practice?
    For softball practice, you should wear durable clothes that are designed for aggressive play. Clothes designed for softball games and practices have extra stitching in areas that are likely to rip. You will need compression pieces, sliding shorts, and cleats during practice. The fabric of your clothes should have moisture … Read more
  • What is the Best Position For a Left-Handed Softball Player?
    Throughout the history of softball, and most sports for that matter, left-handed players are rare but valuable. While there are locations that they’re better or worse, the best position to have a left-handed player is at first base. To find out why or the reasoning behind a few other positions, … Read more
  • Why Do Softball Pitchers Slap Their Leg? (Technique or Distraction)
    If you’ve ever watched a softball pitcher in action, you may have noticed them slap their leg with the gloved hand when releasing the ball. Spectators or the opposing team might question if this is purely technique or a distraction. The main purposes are aim and accuracy, but it can … Read more
  • How Cold Is Too Cold For Softball?
    Winter weather can be brutal. And it’s even worse for softball players who have to brave the cold and the rain to go to practice. According to the NCAA Big Sky Conference, if it is less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a game should be called off. When the temperature drops … Read more
  • Where Do You Put the Worst Player in Softball?
    Coaches usually put the worst player in the right field in softball. Not many hits go to the right field, so this position is best for inexperienced softball players. Your coach might move you to the right field if fielding is not your strong suit. Coaches move players around frequently … Read more

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