Are Polo Ponies Male or Female? Which Gender Is Better On The Field?



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When it comes to horse polo players, they need a reliable horse by their side. Many people even believe that the horse is more essential than the player. So when it comes to the right horse for the game, do people prefer male or female polo ponies? It turns out there is a preference, and many people prefer using a female horse.

This doesn’t mean that male polo ponies can’t be used for horse polo. Players can use either gender of a horse, but most prefer mares over geldings because they are more obedient to the field. Keep reading for more information on why people prefer mares for horse polo. 

What Makes An Excellent Polo Pony?

Before getting into why mares are better polo ponies than geldings, you should know what qualities make a pony the right choice for on the field. There are a particular set of skills and characteristics that ponies must have to be great on the field. Once you know what these are it’s easier to pick the right pony for the game. 

Genetics Are The Most Important Factor

The main thing that can’t be overlooked when it comes to a great polo pony is genetics. Although it’s not a particular breed of pony that is better, there are qualities determined at birth that make a good polo pony. The length of their back, positioning of their hind legs, and the right distance between their joints make up an excellent polo pony.

A pony that has a good build holds an advantage over other polo ponies on the field. They are generally stronger with better agility. Some people have even noticed that they speed along quicker than the other horses on the field. 

Good Training Is Essential

Good genes are only part of the makeup for an excellent polo pony. However, if you want to have one of the best ponies on the field you will need to focus on training them. Great training over time can help you prepare your polo pony to be one of the best horses you’ll ever play with.

The best polo ponies are calm which helps them succeed during the game. It’s a good idea to work on your horse’s temperament from an early age if they seem aggressive or hyper. Training isn’t just about attitude either, it can help a horse develop the skills they need to be great at horse polo. 

A polo pony has a lot of distance to cover so it’s important that they have a good amount of stamina. Your horse’s stamina will improve with more practice and training. This helps them maintain a good performance when you’re on the field. 

Another thing that good training can help polo ponies improve on is their focus and awareness. When you and your horse work on these skills together you guys can become unstoppable during a round of horse polo. All of the skills that make you a good horse polo contestant should also be taught to your horse.

Why Are Female Polo Ponies Better Than Males?

Training is just as essential as genetics when it comes to a good polo pony. In most cases, mares respond better to training than geldings. Many equestrians have found that geldings take longer to train while their mares pick up on directions much easier.

Just like humans, females horses are often better at listening than males. Whether this is because they are wiser or just generally less distracted is up for debate. Either way, many equestrians have a much easier time training female polo ponies. They tend to be faster at learning as well as on the field.

Often equestrians prefer the heart that their mares have on the field. Their loyal mare is willing to do just about anything they ask of it. The trouble with geldings is that you have to instruct them on every move, and even then they are slow to pick up on it. 

The mare is similar to a team leader who doesn’t rest until all of the tasks are complete. They will even go above and beyond to make sure their master is happy. A gelding on the other hand is similar to a student who doesn’t want to be there. They will sit around waiting until they are told to do something.

As mentioned earlier, a calm horse is better to have on the field than a rambunctious horse. By nature, females are calmer than geldings, which often have a temper. That is part of the reason why they are much easier to train. Many people believe this trait is a key factor in why females make better polo ponies. 

Another Reason Equestrians Prefer Females

While many players prefer female polo ponies for all the characteristics that make them great on the field, others prefer female horses for financial reasons. Breeding mares creates an income for some polo players, who will often sell the colts to buyers and then keep the fillies to train for polo.

This also allows equestrians to start training their polo ponies straight from an early age. The characteristics a polo pony needs to be successful are learned over time, and this allows them to be at their best ability when they are at their prime age for horse polo. 

Final Thoughts

For a successful game of horse polo, your best odds are to use a female horse. You can be the best player in the world, but even a newbie will beat you if they use a horse that’s good enough. Improving your polo pony’s skills are just as important as your own. 

Although you can still be successful with a male polo pony, you are more likely to have better luck training a female horse. They are better listeners and generally more focused, which has proven to make them better suited to be polo ponies. Mares are also more likely to do what you need without directions.

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