Should a Baseball Cap Cover Your Ears?



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Wearing a baseball cap is a great choice, not only for the sake of style, but as a nice protection from the sun. The question is, should a baseball cap cover your ears?

According to Over Under, a baseball cap should be worn just above the ears. New baseball caps must be broken in due the stiffness of the material they are made with, and should fit comfortably without leaving any pressure marks on the head.

If you’re wondering how a baseball cap should be worn, when baseball caps started being so popular in fashion, and how to break new caps in, look no further! In this article, we’ll cover all of the above, as well as some frequently asked questions related to the topic.

How Should a Baseball Cap Be Worn?

A baseball cap is a popular fashion choice, whether you’re actually showing off your favorite baseball team or simply wearing a cap of the same traditional shape! Either way, here are some tips that are universal to how a baseball cap should be worn:

  1. Get the right fit – This may seem simple, but no matter how much you like a baseball cap, it shouldn’t be worn if it does not fit! To make sure you’re getting a baseball cap in the right size, make sure the hat sits comfortably with the very top of the hat resting a little higher than your scalp. The bill should rest in the middle of the forehead.
  2. Don’t cover your ears – If a baseball cap covers your ears, the chances are, it is too loose or big of a fit for your head. Baseball caps that cover the ears can be uncomfortable on the sensetive, smaller bones in your ears, as well as easily dislodged by a gust of wind thanks to a loose fit.
  3. Loosen a tight baseball cap – If the baseball cap of your choice is just too great to pass up even if it is a little tight, don’t worry! There is a way to loosen it. Simply get the crown of the cap wet with warm water, then let it dry by spreading it’s edges over a wider, rounded surface. This can be a bowl or even a pot and will successfully stretch the band!
  4. Tighten a loose baseball cap – If you need a baseball cap to hug your head a little more closely, there is also a way to train it in that direction. Spray a bit of room-temperature water on the inside and outside of the hat without nearing the brim. Then dry the outside and inside of the band until damp. Afterward, let it finish drying on your head!
  5. Break the baseball cap in – Baseball caps that are brand new need to be molded to the correct shape for your head. This is done by a process called “breaking in!” All you need to do is wet the baseball cap a bit with warm water, then wear it while it dries. During this process, you can use your hands to guide the drying cap into the shape you like.
  6. Breaking in the bill of the cap – There are a few different ways to wear the actual sun-shading bill of the baseball cap. It is perfectly fine to allow a new bill to remain straight, but if you’d like it to frame your face, get it wet and then roll it up gently. Allow it to dry inside of a big mug or a small bowl, which will train the bill to curve at the edges.
  7. Adjust the shape as you wear it – A baseball cap is usually a sturdy piece of headwear that will take a little time to stay in your preferred shape. Even after using the above methods, you can always use your hands to bend and adjust the shape of the hat while wearing it until it sits exactly the way you like it!

History of Baseball Caps in Fashion

Baseball caps are characterized by rounded shapes, soft materials, and a curved peak. Their main function was to shield the eyes of a baseball player from the harsh sunlight during a game. Typically, baseball caps also feature a logo, traditionally the logo of the team, on the front. 

Baseball caps are made of cotton, wool, wicking fabrics (which are helpful for holding sweat out of the eyes) and some acrylic materials. However, the first baseball caps were actually made of straw! Some theorize that this model was actually a stylish yachting hat.

Eventually, in 1860, a United States baseball team called the Brooklyn Excelsior’s began wearing something more similar to the hat shape we know and love today, and it became popular. Since the 19th century, the baseball cap is not only worn by baseball players and fans, but as a hat style in general! It is sometimes considered the national hat of choice for Americans.

Types of Baseball Caps

There are two main styles of baseball caps. These are the tall crown baseball cap and the soft crown baseball cap.

A tall crown baseball cap is sometimes striped. It usually features 6 segments in the crown. On the other hand, a soft crown baseball cap is a little shorter and can feature anywhere from 6 to 8 crown segments.

Baseball caps came in one standard size across the U.S. until around 1980, when caps began to include an adjustment strap near the back. A few variations on the standard baseball cap have entered the market since then, including a trucker cap and a full cap, popularized by 90’s rap artists.

Baseball caps also no longer come with only baseball team logos emblazoned on the front: they can include anything from cartoon characters to floral prints to checker patterns. Initially a hat made for fans of a sport, the cap has become a hat for fans of anything at all!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, baseball caps should be worn just above the ears instead of covering them, with the bill of the cap centered on the forehead and the crown of the fabric slightly higher than the crown of the head it’s worn on!

Baseball caps may be firm and practical for use in sunny and windy weather, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be shaped thanks to a little water application and the malleability of their materials. Enjoy wearing America’s favorite hat any way you prefer!

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