Can You Bring a Lacrosse Stick on a Plane? Checked-in or Carry on bags

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Lacrosse players who must travel with their sports gear wonder can you bring lacrosse stick on a plane. If you’re wondering like them, here’s an answer for you.

The TSA has announced that lacrosse sticks are allowed on planes. But, you may only pack them in your checked-in baggage. You cannot take them in your carry on bags.

But in saying that, the TSA seems to provide allowances. Because it gives the final decision with the TSA officer onsite to decide whether to allow an item through the checkpoint or not.

How do You Pack Your Lacrosse Stick for Safe Travel?

If you’re taking a flight with your lacrosse sticks, you should make sure that they will survive the process. It will be checked in and moved around. Workers may likely throw bags around. And that includes your precious cargo. Here are ways to safely pack your sports gear for travel.

  1. Take each shaft off of the head of the lacrosse sticks.
  2. Tape all shafts together.
  3. Wrap all shafts in a thick-enough towel.
  4. Place them as part of your checked-in baggage.

Don’t place them unwrapped inside the lacrosse bag. Put some clothing or items that will help absorb shock or cushion your lacrosse sticks. You may also invest in some bubble wraps or foams. And wrap these around your lacrosse sticks.

Lastly, remember to tag your lacrosse bag like you would your other baggage. List contact details so you can be contacted in case of lost baggage. Also, include a driver in your luggage for later assembly.

Does Your Lacrosse Bag Come out with Your Other Suitcases?

It depends. Remember to note what the airline personnel will tag your lacrosse bag with. If he or she checks it in as oversized luggage, you’ll have to claim it at the corresponding oversized baggage claim counter at the destination airport.

Does Your Lacrosse Stick Count as free baggage or not?

It depends. If your lacrosse bag is not considered oversized, it will count as part of your check-in baggage allowance. Now, should you exceed your baggage limits, you will likely pay excess baggage fees. Although, certain allowances may be given to you, like discounts and such.

On the other hand, if your lacrosse stick is classified as oversized baggage. It may or may not carry additional charges. Again, the discretion lies with the airline staff at the counter.

What Sports Equipment and Other Items Can You Bring as Carry-on in a Plane?

According to TSA, here are some of the following items you can bring for carry-on:

  1. Most solid food
  2. Alcohol (below 140 proof, and less than 3.4 ounces or 100ml)
  3. Most liquid food and drink (below 100ml or less 3.4 ounces)
  4. Balls, soccer ball, basketball, baseball, football, bocce balls,
  5. Fishing pole
  6. Musical instruments like guitar, violin, and some brass instruments
  7. Golf balls and golf tees
  8. Longboards
  9. Skateboard
  10. Skates
  11. Tennis racket
  12. laptops

What Sports Equipment and Other Items Can You Bring in Via Checked-in Baggage on a Plane?

According to TSA, here are some of the following items you may carry via check-in baggage on a plane:

  1. Bb gun
  2. Lacrosse stick
  3. Darts
  4. Magic 8 ball
  5. Ski pole
  6. Spear gun
  7. Martial arts weapons (nunchucks, etc.)
  8. Bowling ball
  9. Golf club
  10. Baseball bat
  11. Bow and arrow
  12. Cricket bat
  13. Hockey stick
  14. Pool cue
  15. Ice skates and roller blades

These are prohibited items that cannot be part of your carry-on baggage.

Can you claim cover for broken lacrosse sticks?

Passengers have rights to claim cover or compensation for damaged luggage while in travel around the USA. You may verify this with IATA. But airlines are liable for any damage sustained (like loss, damage, or destruction) by your checked baggage while in their possession.

They may be liable for the cost of the bag and the contents that were likewise damaged. They may also be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the bags and its replaceable contents which were damaged.

It’s important to note your boarding pass and booking details and keep your checked luggage receipt. And remember to report the damage before you head out of the airport.

It’s best to take fresh photo snaps while you’re in the vicinity or right after you’ve gotten your damaged bag and lacrosse sticks. Have personnel inspect it before you go. Lastly, fill out a damage claim form.

We should also mention that it is your responsibility to use a solid and reliable lacrosse bag to store your lacrosse sticks in. And you must pack them well. Else, you may invalidate any claim you can make for damaged baggage and contents.

What Travel Bags Are Best to use for Lacrosse Players?

A lot of brands sell lacrosse travel bags in different types and materials. Here are some suggestions for choosing what travel bags are best.

  1. The lacrosse Duffle bag may be a favorite type. It’s long and cylindrical shape provides good storage for all your sports gear and other stuff. Now, the size may not hold your lacrosse sticks but you have room for your toiletries, wash bag, and other essentials you will need to take a trip for play or competition out of town or in another state.
  2. The lacrosse backpack is also a favorite type among players (This is the one that I have, You can check it on amazon). These make for a convenient carry. You strap one on your back and you’re good to go. These make good everyday travel bags or flight carry-on bags. And you can get one that features a stick loop to slide your lacrosse stick through. You can even put a laptop in one of those cushioned compartments.
  3. The lacrosse stick bag (You can get one from amazon) is a primary travel bag. Its size is slim and just enough to store and safely carry your lacrosse stick to a game or practice. You often bring this along with your regular travel bag. Or, if you’re just going out for a quick game, then you don’t have to bring anything else other than your lacrosse stick bag.

Whatever bag you may choose, consider the material. You want it to be durable yet lightweight. That way you can use it for longer. And you won’t have to deal with additional weight. Also, consider the color.

If you’ll be traveling a lot with it, a dark scheme is more practical. If you tend to carry a lot of travel essentials, consider a larger sized bag with wheels. They’re more convenient to pull and push around.

Final Thoughts

In closing, we learned that you can bring a lacrosse stick on a plane. We also learned that your lacrosse stick must be packed together with your checked-in baggage. It is in your best interest to ensure tight and safe packing for your lacrosse stick so that it doesn’t get broken.

In case of damages, you may be within your rights to claim compensation. File a report and document evidences.

Lastly, Choosing wisely on a good lacrosse stick bag is important. Durability, materials, and color may be primary considerations.

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