Can You Wear Earrings in a Softball Game? What About Jewellery!

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As a woman, you want to look attractive whether you are playing sports or going out with friends and this typically involves wearing jewelry. Whether you can wear earrings and other jewelry during a softball game is dependent upon the organization, So the answer really lies with them.

There are a number of rule books available such as USSSA and ASA and they do state that it is okay to wear items such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, if the umpire feels that the earrings or any other type of jewelry that a player is wearing are causing a risk to the wearer or other players during a game, they have the authority to request that the wearer remove them.

One organization that does not allow any type of jewelry whatsoever is the NHFS. For those playing softball for their college, the decision will be down to their coach.

Should You Wear Jewellery While Playing Softball?

As much as you want to look cute on the pitch, what you should really consider is whether it is practical to wear earrings during a softball game. Even though softball is not the most dangerous game, you are running, bats are being swung, and balls are flying around. There is a chance that whatever jewelry you are wearing could get caught up and cause you some serious harm.

Why is it Dangerous to Wear Jewellery When Playing Softball?

The reality is that most governing bodies and sports coaches recommend that players remove their jewelry before playing a game. Jewellery should be removed and stored somewhere safe, so that it does not get lost or damaged. It is also important to remember that removing your jewelry is not just about you, there are other players on the field, and you don’t want to put them at risk.

Here are some reasons why you should remove your jewelry before playing softball:

Studs and Piercings: Studs and piercings are very popular, and women love to wear them. However, it is also important to note that you are putting yourself and other players at risk when wearing them on the pitch.

When contact is made, it is easy for earrings to get torn out of the earlobe and this can cause bleeding, pain, and scarring. Even if you think your earrings or piercings are small enough not to get caught up in sporting equipment and clothing, the slightest movement in the wrong direction can damage your piercings.

Rings: All rings even wedding bands should be removed before playing a game. The reason for this is that if you are unfortunate enough to get a finger or hand injury and it swells up, you won’t be able to get the ring off. This can cause issues with your blood circulation. If the swelling is really bad, there is a chance that you will need to get the ring cut off; and in the worst case scenario, surgically removed.

Recent Piercings: If you have just got a recent piercing it is important that you take time off from playing the sport to allow it to heal. After getting a new piercing, it is essential that it stays in place for a certain period of time, depending on where the piercing is, it typically takes between 6 to 12 weeks to heal. If you are thinking about getting a new piercing, take these times into consideration, it is best to get it done at the end of the season so that you know it will have enough time to heal before you start playing again.

Can Playing Softball Wearing Jewellery Damage my Skin?

Regardless of the sport you are playing, you are going to get sweaty. Most people don’t wear high-qualityquality jewelry and cheaper metals such as brass, nickel and copper will corrode when they get wet and stain your skin leaving it a green or blackish color.

terling silver- and gold-plated jewelry can also do the same. Gold plated jewelry also has the tendency to turn your skin black or green because the layer of gold is so thin. There is some copper present in sterling silver, which can also cause skin discoloration.

What exactly is the black or green residue that can damage your skin? When the oxygen in the air reacts with the copper used to make jewelry, it creates a compound called copper oxide deposit. Sweat contains a compound called sodium chloride, which causes a similar reaction.

Can my Jewellery Get Damaged if I Wear it to Play Softball?

In the same way that wearing jewelry can damage your skin when you are playing softball, it can also damage your jewelry. Obviously, it is more important that you or another player is not injured.

However, if you are wearing jewelry of sentimental value, if it is close to your heart, the assumption is that you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

As mentioned, there is certain jewelry that doesn’t do well when it gets covered in sweat. However, if you are wearing jewelry that is made from sterling silver, gold fill, or solid gold, sweat won’t damage it. If you own any sterling silver jewelry, you will notice that it turns black or gray over time especially if you wear it to work out. However, you can clean it using a soft-bristled toothbrush, mild soap, and lukewarm water.

Higher quality jewelry will list the materials used to make it; but the low-quality jewelry you find in the mall won’t.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Jewellery When Playing Softball

If you are determined to wear jewelry during your softball matches, here is some advice for you.

DON’T wear jewelry made of the following materials:

  • Gold plated
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Nickel

DO wear jewelry made from:

  • Silicone
  • Sterling silver
  • Gold-filled jewelry
  • Pure gold

To reduce the risk of damaging your skin because of your jewelry, apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the skin around your jewelry. You can also use clear nail varnish to coat the jewelry, this will help prevent skin discoloration.

You should also stick to more lightweight pieces of jewellery. Simple necklaces, bracelets, and studs will minimize the risks associated with wearing jewellery when playing softball.

If your piercings or skin are prone to irritation, make sure you dry and cleanse both the skin around the jewelry and the jewelry after your game.

Final Thought

As you have read, it depends on the governing body as to whether you can wear jewelry to play softball. If your governing body or your coach has given you permission, make sure you follow the instructions in the do’s and don’ts section to ensure that your skin is kept fresh and healthy and that your jewellery remains intact for as long as possible.

In general, you should seriously consider whether it is worth wearing jewelry to playing softball. How would you feel if you were seriously injured because of it or even worse if you injured someone else? There are some pieces of jewelry that hold sentimental value, and you may even wear it as a good luck charm, but for the safety of yourself and your teammates, it is best that you take the jewelry off before playing a game of softball.

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