How to Lace Hockey Skates

How to Lace Hockey Skates (4 Easy Methods)

Every hockey player needs a good pair of skates. In order to get the best performance and remain comfortable while playing hockey, it’s important that you lace your hockey skates properly. Hockey skates can’t be slipped on like a pair of shoes, they must be laced properly so you can stay steady on the ice….

P28 Vs P29

CCM P28 Vs P29: Which Curve Is Better?

Choosing the right curve on your hockey stick is vital since it can influence how you play. However, with so many different kinds of stick curves, you can choose from, it can be quite an overwhelming and challenging process to select the right one that perfectly suits your style. One way you can narrow your…

Where Are The Best Seats For Hockey Games?

Who doesn’t want the absolute best view of a hockey game? Those games can get pretty intense. So, where should you be sitting if you want the best seat in a hockey game? The best seats for a hockey game will always be situated between the two neutral lines i.e. the blue lines on the…


When To Buy NHL Tickets? (The Best Time)

NHL games can be pretty expensive to attend. It, therefore, shouldn’t really come as a surprise that many people want to ensure that they get the best possible deal on their NHL tickets. So, when is the best time to buy them? Let’s take a look. The best time to buy NHL tickets is either…

plus minus in hockey

What is Plus Minus in Hockey? (With Stats )

In hockey, the player’s stats in the plus-minus section indicate whether or not a player was on the ice at the time of a goal. If you are on the ice and someone scores a goal, you get a plus; if you are on the ice and the opposing team scores, you get a minus….

hockey line

What is a Hockey Line? (Explained)

A hockey line is a group of three forward players, a left-winger, a center, and a right-winger, who take shifts in a game. While there are multiple positions to cover in this sport, only the forward groups are considered a line. Each team uses multiple groups of players on the line throughout the game, providing…

Smelling Salts

Why Do Hockey Players Use Smelling Salts? (Is It Legat!)

If you have ever watched a hockey game, you have probably seen the players on the bench sniffing small white packets of something. You may have wondered what, exactly, those players are doing, and what the point of it is. If so, you are not alone. Hockey Players usually sniff salt. They sniff it because…

What Is Engraved In The Bowl Of The Stanley Cup?

Each season, the best hockey teams from all around come together to battle for the Stanley Cup. Only the best team can win, going down in history alongside some of the most prestigious players. Part of the tradition is to pass on the trophy, though there are some mysteries surrounding it. One example is what…

How Much Do NHL Refs Make

Why Do Hockey Refs Have Orange Arm Bands?

In all the chaos of a hockey game, it is easy to lose track of the numerous officials whizzing around on the ice. They all wear black and white striped shirts, but some are differentiated by bright orange arm bands. You may wonder what the difference is between the two sets of officials, and why…

Stanley Cup bands

What Happens When the Stanley Cup is Full?

One of the most unique features of the Stanley Cup trophy is that each player’s name, who is a part of the team that wins the Stanley Cup Finals, is etched onto the bottom ring of the multiple bands that comprise everything below the cup.  When the Stanley Cup’s bands are full, once every thirteen…