Best Lacrosse Cleats & Turf Shoe For Women: Read This First (Before Purchasing)

If you are going to play lacrosse, then you need to have a decent pair of shoes on your feet. With so many pairs of shoes on the market, how do you choose the pair that is right for you? Well, that is where we come in! On this page, we are going to walk…

Why Do Lacrosse Balls Get Greasy? 3 Ways To Fix It’s Greasy

Well, Lacrosse balls get made from vulcanized rubber, which has additives to make them soft. Over time the oils and plasticizers begin to move toward the ball’s surface, creating the oily coating and hardening it.  Greasing becomes an issue as the oils of the ball impede the accuracy of the shot. Coupled with the loss…

Ice Hockey or Lacrosse, Which is Right for You? (Ice Hockey Vs Lacrosse)

When it comes to finding a sport to play, there a variety of options to choose from. When narrowing down those options, it may come down to whether you want to be on the ice or a field.  Lacrosse and ice hockey are very different sports and require different techniques and skills that may be a…

What Does Tilt Mean in Lacrosse? (No, Low, Medium & High Tilt)

The slang term “tilt” in Lacrosse is used among all veterans of the sport. Tilt simply describes how the helmet face mask sits on the player’s face. Tilt can be low, medium, high, or no tilt at all if you do not have a helmet face mask. Tilt is relative to the player’s eye level….

Common Slang Terms in Lacrosse

Why Is Lacrosse Called Lax? (16 Common Slang Terms in Lacrosse)

There are a lot of different slang terms used in lacrosse. However, before I dive into those, let’s start with the simplest one of them all. Why is lacrosse called lax? Well, you would think that there would be some big story around it. However, there isn’t. Lax is simply the shortened version of lacrosse….

average speed of lacrosse shots

What Is The Average Speed Of Lacrosse Shots? (By Age & Competitive Tiers)

In the game of lacrosse, understanding shot speed is important. In fact, improving shot speed is important. The faster the ball is travelling, the less chance there is of it being intercepted. This means more chance of getting off those offensive plays. What many people seem to be unable to grasp, however, is average shot…

Box Lacrosse vs Field Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse vs Field Lacrosse: Quick Guide

While box lacrosse and field lacrosse have a bit of an overlap, since they are both variations of lacrosse, there are a few variations in them. On this page, I want to compare the differences between box lacrosse and field lacrosse.  It is worth noting that just because you are good at one of these…

lacrosse Tackle

Can You Tackle In Lacrosse? Tackling Vs Body Checking Rules

It is clear that the lacrosse field can get a little feisty on occasion. Players need to get the ball, after all. However, a big question is; can you tackle in lacrosse? After all, you never really see that much full-on tackling in the game. The answer; no, You can’t. You can do something known…

What Can You Do With Old Lacrosse Balls

What Can You Do With Old Lacrosse Balls?

Lacrosse balls are known to be sturdy and can sustain up to a month with proper care in play. But what can you do with old lacrosse balls when they begin to lose their grip? In most cases, you may try to restore or repurpose the old lacrosse balls. Restoring a lacrosse ball is one…

What is a Lacrosse Stick Called

What is a Lacrosse Stick Called? Lacrosse Stick Parts

Lacrosse players use different lingo and slang when referring to their sticks and the different parts of their sticks, but it is still called the lacrosse stick. If you are a beginner player, parent, coach, referee, or spectator this article is for you. A lacrosse stick is called a lacrosse stick, Crosse, or just a…