Best Lacrosse Cleats & Turf Shoe For Women: Read This First (Before Purchasing)



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If you are going to play lacrosse, then you need to have a decent pair of shoes on your feet. With so many pairs of shoes on the market, how do you choose the pair that is right for you? Well, that is where we come in! On this page, we are going to walk you through some of the best women’s lacrosse cleats and turf shoes on the market.

Before we do that, though, let’s give you a little bit of an idea of how you can choose the right pair for you.

How to Choose Women’s Lacrosse Shoes

In a short while, we are going to review the best women’s lacrosse cleats and turf shoes. We have three recommendations for each. Any option is likely going to be a brilliant option for you. However, we want to make your choice a little easier and tell you what should be considered when making your final choice when it comes to lacrosse shoes.

Should you buy turf shoes or cleats?

This is very much going to be a personal choice. Some women love turf shoes, while others love their cleats.

Many people claim that when they are wearing a pair of turf shoes, they move around a little bit faster. It is only going to be a small speed boost, but sometimes that is all you are going to need to get ahead of your competition.

In our opinion, you should have a pair of both. You would be using the turf shoes for training and on synthetic surfaces. The cleats will be pulled out for just about every game, particularly if the surface is going to be exceedingly hard.

How do you choose the cut?

Again, this is going to be somewhat of a personal choice:

  • Low-cut: if speed and mobility are your thing, then low-cut is the route to go down. Your ankles are not going to be protected that much, though.
  • High-cut: if you need a bit more protection for your ankles and stability is your aim, then high-cut is the route to go down. You won’t be that fast, though.
  • Mid-cut: this is the middle point between both of them. Most players tend to opt for this cut.

Which brand is the best?

If you are purchasing lacrosse shoes then, hopefully, you are purchasing a pair that will last you for a good number of years. Nobody wants to be replacing their lacrosse shoes regularly, do they?

We recommend that you stick to reputable brands. These are the companies that have proven to make a good lacrosse shoe. It may be a little bit more expensive, but your game will be a whole lot better as a result.

Nearly all of the lacrosse shoes that we recommend on this page will be Under Armour shoes because we genuinely believe that they are the best on the market.

How should lacrosse shoes fit?

Pretty much the same as any other shoe.

They should be snug, but they shouldn’t be so tight as to cause you pain and restrict your movement.

Ideally, when you are fitting your lacrosse shoes, the heel should not move about when you are moving about. It needs to stay snug against your heel (without rubbing it). Some people will test the fit by ensuring that there is no more than a finger of space between the shoe and the foot. Although, walking around for a short while should probably give you an idea as to whether the shoes are right for you.

Should you choose synthetic or leather lacrosse shoes?

Either is fine. Although, do bear in mind that leather lacrosse shoes will take a little bit of extra ‘looking after.

The major downside to leather lacrosse shoes is that they will stretch as you play with them. This can make fitting the shoes a little bit more difficult. This means that when you are trying on some leather lacrosse shoes, you need to consider the fact that they will stretch. This means that they can feel a little bit ‘tighter’ than synthetic shoes. They will loosen up after a few hours of use.

Do the shoes need to be designed for lacrosse?

Yes. If you want to play the game properly, then you need to purchase shoes that have been specifically designed for lacrosse. They will help you excel on the field. Sure, you may be able to ‘get by’ and purchase a pair of soccer or football cleats, but if you take the sport seriously, why not purchase the right tool for the job?

Best Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Let’s start by walking you through the best women’s lacrosse cleats on the market. We have three options for you. All are brilliant, and there should be something for everybody.

Under Armour Women’s Highlight Lacrosse Shoe

This high-cut may not be the fastest shoe on the market, but it is certainly up there with being one of the most supportive pairs. So, if you prefer a bit of support on your cleats, then this is the option for you.

The fantastic sole of these cleats will grip the field with ease. This means that you can around as fast as you possibly can without the fear of slipping and sliding everywhere. The fabric is highly breathable, which makes your feet breathe a little better. Less sweat means more comfort.

The best part about these shoes is the fantastic inner sole. The inner sole utilizes Under Armour’s famed 4D technology. This means that the inner sole will start to shape your foot. This not only means more comfort, but it also means more stability as your feet will not be slipping around inside quite so much.


  • Shoe molds to foot shape, offering the greatest level of comfort.
  • Low slippage
  • Minimal break-in period.


  • A little undersized. Purchase half a size to a size larger than you normally would.
  • High-top means a slower shoe.

Under Armour Women’s Leadoff Low Rm

For those that love their lacrosse shoes with studs on the bottom as opposed to blades, then this may be a great option. These studs help the shoe perform well on almost all outdoor surfaces. They certainly do a whole lot better than other shoes on the hardest outdoor areas.

As with nearly all Under Armour shoes featured on this list, this product has been designed with stability in mind. So, if you really need that support on the lacrosse field, then choose these. This is one of only a few pairs of shoes that seems to offer extensively shaped padding around the ankle area. This helps to reduce ankle slip. This may make them great for those that have suffered from ankle injuries in the past.

Once again, the inner sole on these shoes will mould to the shape of your feet. This means no need to purchase an additional sole, even if you want the highest levels of comfort.


  • Huge amounts of support
  • Strengthened in key areas
  • Studs are fine for almost all outdoor surfaces.


  • Not good for the widest feet

Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher

We are going to wrap up the list of the best women’s lacrosse cleats with a mid-cut shoe. Just for something a little bit different. These shoes will allow you to move much faster on the field than the previous two options. Although they will not offer as much in the way of support.

These shoes have been designed to work on multiple surfaces. This includes synthetic areas and dry, natural grass. The patterened undersole may even allow you to perform well during the indoor games. As long as you are not playing on incredibly muddy surfaces, then these shoes will always be offering you the highest amount of grip.

While the inner sole is not going to mold to your feet in the same way as the previous options, that isn’t going to stop these shoes feeling great on your feet. In fact, they are among the most comfortable mid-cut lacrosse shoes around.

The only real issue with these shoes is that they are a little undersized. Women should purchase a size up and everything should be fine.


  • Suitable for almost all surfaces
  • Fast shoe
  • Reduced stud pressure on sole of feet


  • Do not work well on a wet surface.

Best Women’s Lacrosse Turf Shoe

Now is the time to talk about the various turf shoes available on the market. Remember; in an ideal world, you would purchase a pair of these and a pair of cleats. This way you are going to be covered for every eventuality.

Under Armour Women’s Finisher Lacrosse Turf Shoe

This is a low-cut shoe that weighs around 8-oz. This means that when you put these on your feet, you are going to be darting around the lacrosse field at a blazingly fast speed.

One of our highlights for this turf shoe is the inclusion of a molded EVA inner sock. The purpose of this inner sock is to enhance your comfort while wearing these shoes. They help to prevent the ‘feel’ of the cleats, which will help your feet to feel a lot more comfortable when you are wearing these shoes.

The patterned cleats will mean that these turf shoes are ideal for a lot of different lacrosse fields. Of course, they will work best when you are playing on synthetic fields, but there is no reason as to why they wouldn’t do well on dry, natural surfaces too.


  • Ideal for faster players
  • Fantastic grip on most surfaces
  • Features that increase comfort levels


  • Undersized. Purchase one size up.
  • Doesn’t offer the best support

Under Armour Women’s Finisher Lacrosse Turf Shoe

This shoe boasts very much the same features as the previous one. The major difference is that these are going to be more of a medium-cut if only fractionally creeping into that medium-cut level.

Many people prefer these turf shoes due to the huge amount of support given to the foot. While you will be a bit slower on the field, the increased ankle and foot protection can be a Godsend for many people. 

One thing that we love, although many people may not, is that the top of the shoe is a bit softer than competing lacrosse turf shoe brands. This does increase comfort levels, but we know that there are some people that do want that small amount of extra protection for the top of their foot.

Finally; these shoes offer fantastic traction on the ground. As long as you are not playing on wet surfaces, they can help in most situations.


  • Medium-cut which helps support with only a small sacrifice in speed
  • Great cleat pattern provides huge amounts of traction.
  • Comfortable


  • Synthetic material not as good as the latest Under Armour offerings.

Under Armour Women’s Highlight Lacrosse Shoe

To round out the turf shoe offerings, we have this high-cut option from Under Armour. As always, the cut of these shoes are there for those that need the most amount of protection and support for their feet and are not too fussed about a small amount of speed loss.

The shoes boast many of the same features as their cleat counterparts. This includes a molded 4D innersole which will shape your foot as you play. This means even more support and comfort. This can really help you bring your A-Game to the field.

The cleats are a little bit smaller than the other options on this list. Despite this, they do still grip the surface well. However, they are probably going to work best if you are playing the game on synthetic surfaces. If there is a bit of light mud, then these probably won’t work.


  • Breathable fabric keeps feet comfortable
  • Smaller cleats give a more natural feel when playing
  • High-cut provides huge levels of protection for the feet


  • Not the fastest shoe in the world.


So, we have gone through six different options here. So, which option is the best one? All of them are good, but our stand-out was the Under Armour Women’s Highlight Lacrosse Shoe. While it is going to be a high-cut shoe, most people find it to be one of the most comfortable and supportive lacrosse shoes on the market. There will be a small decrease in speed, but for amateur players, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue.

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