Can You Play Softball With Fake Nails?



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Softball is a very physical, hands-on, and attention to detail type of sport, which could cause issues while wearing fake nails. However, it is possible to play with fake nails if they are on the shorter side and they are well moisturized to prevent breaking, which can lead to infection. More frequent fill-ins are also recommended.

Fake nails can become a burden to most women because the way they can pull against the nails, or depending on their length, can cause issues with grip and breakage. It can take a while for someone to become comfortable with fake nails, but they can be worn while playing softball; there are a few tips for doing so.

Acrylic Nails vs. Women Nails for SoftBall

If you wear these fake or acrylic nails, they can become uncomfortable, annoying, and frustrating in the beginning. But if you have brittle nails and tend to break while playing a game, fake nails may be for you. These nails are strong and resilient. Once you get used to them, they can take a beating, so we recommend acrylics if you’re going to opt to play with fake nails.

Playing Softball with Fake Nails

While it can be done, there are a few things that most avid players recommend while wearing these nails. The first being that you keep your nails short; the shorter, the better. Yes, it can be cumbersome when most people have these long beautiful nails, but think of it this way, there is an off-season to indulge in acrylic nails.

With short nails, you will most likely be avoiding breakage and infection. When bacteria can’t get under the nails, especially when you’re stuffing your hand into a mitt, you have a better chance of not getting an infection. Different products can be used to protect your nails.

Moisturizing your hands regularly is a big yes, especially if you are working with your hands a lot; this is great for anyone who plays sports in general, but specially activities that require a lot of hand use like softball. It lengthens the life of your nails, and when you add essential oils to that, it only makes them stronger. It is a great way to keep your nails healthy and strong, especially out on the field.

Another way is to have fill-ins often. When you let your nails grow out, they have a better chance of breaking, which can cause issues when they are in the glove or catching a ball. We also recommend applying nail polish, and multiple coats of it to harden and toughen the nails. These tips will improve your chances of keeping your nails healthy and strong.

Different Powders and Shapes to use for Acrylic and Fake Nails

When you get your nails done at a salon, they use a powder and a thin piece of plastic to create these nails. After allowing the powder to settle on the super glued plastic, it becomes a strong nail that they can shape and cut, file, and paint over.

But did you know that there are different types of powders that you can use? Some of them are stronger than others. But which ones are they?

  • Vafee Professional Clear
  • Reazeal Acrylic Liquid and Acrylic Powder
  • Licorice
  • Azure Dip

These are all potent powders that will keep your actual nails safe and prevent breakage while playing softball. Also, they last longer. For anyone not able to get consistent fill-ins, these are a better option. Not all salons have access to each of those options, so we recommend telling your nail technician that you’re going to be playing sports, and doing batting so that they can recommend you the best options they have.

Of course, not everyone gets their nails professionally done, especially if you are a school student. So, the next best thing is press-on nails. They are cheaper, more accessible, and faster to apply. These are some of the best press on nails:

  • Static Nails
  • ManiMe
  • Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails
  • Dashing Diva Press On Nails
  • Marmalade
  • Impress Press On Nails.


Playing a sport, like softball, can be difficult when wearing fake nails. They can be uncomfortable, taxing, and cause infection and pain if broken. But if you keep the nails short, clean, and moisturized, they can be more manageable to play with.

Fake press on nails can be a little more difficult because they are harder to secure to the nail than acrylic, but if you purchase any of the press ons we recommended above, you have a better chance of them lasting longer. We recommend that you practice playing with these nails before going out for an actual game so that you get a feel for what it’s like, and can see how your nails hold up after some batting. 

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