What Should I Wear To Softball Practice?



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For softball practice, you should wear durable clothes that are designed for aggressive play. Clothes designed for softball games and practices have extra stitching in areas that are likely to rip. You will need compression pieces, sliding shorts, and cleats during practice.

The fabric of your clothes should have moisture management, meaning it keeps sweat off your body to keep you cool and fresh throughout practice. The fabric should also be breathable, since it is usually hot during softball practice.

What you should wear to softball practice?

Softball shirts

You have a lot of options when it comes to shirts for softball practice. You can choose from sleeveless shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts. Depending on the weather, you can add an athletic jacket or a sweatshirt.

When it comes to shirts for softball practice, you want to choose an athletic shirt. It doesn’t have to be Nike or Adidas, but it should be meant for playing sports. Dry-fit shirts are great for keeping the sweat off of you during practice, and sleeveless shirts and tank tops are made to be breathable in the heat.

You should only wear a long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket to practice in cooler weather. On a hot day, you want to wear light, breathable shirts so you don’t get overheated.

Sports bra

For any type of sport, you want to wear the right bra. Sports bras provide support when running and jumping. You will be doing a lot of running during softball practice, and you want to perform your best, so wearing the right bra is necessary.

Not all sports bras are the same. Some provide more support than others. Try on multiple styles and multiple sizes until you find one you are comfortable in, provides support and is flexible.  Wearing the right sports bra can help you feel more confident when practising softball.

Softball pants

Softball pants are designed for running and sliding. They are durable, so they are made to last all season. Pants for softball practice should cover your legs, fit tightly, and feel comfortable.

You can choose from ¾ length pants to full-length pants. You don’t want to wear shorts to practice. You will likely practice sliding into base and diving for balls in the outfield, and shorts would leave your legs unprotected.

Wearing softball pants to practice will allow you to dive and slide comfortably without hurting your legs. They are made to be breathable yet protective. Softball pants should be made of lightweight fabric so you are not restricted during practice.

Some softball pants have strategic ventilation to keep your legs cool during hot practices and games. They also sometimes have two-layered reinforcement on the knees to protect them during slides.


Sliders refer to sliding shorts meant to be worn underneath softball pants. They should fully protect your legs, thighs, and hips from abrasions when sliding into base.

Sliders have lightweight padding on certain parts to protect you during sliding or diving for the ball while keeping you cool.

Choose sliders that fit comfortably without adding a lot of bulk. Compression-fit sliders can help with muscle recovery as well. Most sliders are made of nylon and spandex.

Knee-high socks

When choosing socks for softball practice, choose ones that cover your legs up to your knees. You can choose from socks that only reach the knees or ones that cover your lower thighs.

Softball socks are made to protect your legs from abrasions during sliding. Socks for softball practice should be durable and comfortable. They should fit just right without feeling too tight or too loose.

Make sure your socks don’t cut off circulation. On the other hand, they should also not be so loose that you must continue pulling them up throughout practice.


Cleats are tennis shoes with metal spikes on the bottom. The spikes give you more traction on the field. They are made to be breathable and durable to ensure your best performance during practice.

When choosing cleats, make sure they fit comfortably and support your feet. It is also best to wear cleats that are either Velcro or have a place to tuck laces. This is not necessary, but it helps when running bases or diving for the ball.

Batting gloves

Batting gloves help you protect your hands during long batting practices. They provide comfort, grip, and support when batting.

When choosing batting gloves, choose ones that are made for your gender. They should also have an adjustable strap. This will ensure they fit tightly and comfortably.

Batting gloves are usually made of lightweight, stretchy leather to help maintain your grip on the bat while feeling soft and comfortable. In addition, the stretchiness allows for mobility, so you will not feel restricted while batting.

Optional protective gear

The following softball gear items are not required for practice, but they may help you feel protected from pitches during games and practices. These are best for players who are just starting out with fast pitch softball.

Face mask

Infielders sometimes wear protective masks, especially pitchers. If you would feel more comfortable and confident wearing a face mask, you can wear one during practice.

If you have had a previous injury to the face or you have braces, face masks are highly recommended for infielders.

Knee pads

Sliders do not cover the knees, and softball pants may not provide enough protection for the knees. Knee pads can provide extra protection and can help you feel more confident when diving for the ball.

Elbow guard/leg guard

Elbow guards are meant to protect your elbow from pitches while at bat, and leg guards protect your leg. They are not necessary for practice, but they can help you feel more comfortable at bat when playing fast pitch softball.

Wrist guards are similar in that they protect your wrist while batting. These types of guards should be worn during practice if you have had a previous injury and are worried about getting hit by a pitch.

Chest guard shirt

Chest guard shirts are good for catchers or other players who want to protect their chest from pitches. It is a good idea to wear this type of shirt if it is your first time playing fast pitch. Chest guard shirts are made with soft, flexible pads that provide a protective shell.

This type of softball shirt is made with compression-fit material, so it is flexible rather than rigid. Some are also moisture-wicking, which keeps you cool during practice.


Before you head to softball practice, you want to make sure you are wearing the right apparel. Start with your shirt. Your shirt should be an athletic shirt that is durable and lightweight. Sliders are worn under pants and protect you while sliding.

Pants should be full length or ¾ length to protect your legs while sliding and diving for the ball. Last, you want to choose the right cleats. Cleats give you more traction on the field and help you perform your best.

If you are playing slow pitch softball, you do not have to worry as much about the protective pieces. However, if you have had a previous injury or you are playing fast pitch softball, protective gear can help you protect yourself from pitches that reach up to 60 mph.

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