Why Do I Keep Striking Out in Softball? (6 Reasons & Solutions)



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Lack of confidence and lack of practice are the most common reasons for striking out in softball. The best way to stop striking out so often is to keep practicing. The more you practice, the better and more confident you will be.

No one likes to strike out, but it happens to every player. If you find yourself frequently striking out, it is time to develop a new strategy. While striking out is part of the game, too many strikeouts can be frustrating and disappointing.

Reasons you are striking out

1) You are too picky

You may be striking out because you are too picky about which pitches you swing at. Waiting for the perfect pitch leads to strikes early on. Don’t be afraid to swing at the first good pitch. You don’t want to get two strikes just because you were waiting for the right pitch.

2) You aren’t swinging at the right pitches

It is important to make the right decisions about which pitches you swing for. It can be difficult to determine if a pitch is a strike when you only see the ball for a short time. You must make a decision to swing or not quickly. This can feel overwhelming.

The best way to learn good pitches from bad pitches is to practice as much as you can. Start with slower pitches to practice swinging at strikes. When you have it down with slow pitch, try practicing with a little bit faster pitches.

3) You are swinging too early or too late

Another reason you may be striking out is because you are making your decision too late as to whether or not to swing. Knowing which pitches to swing at is the first step, but you also must be ready for the pitch.

A good tip is to assume the next pitch will be the perfect pitch. Have your stance and swing ready for each pitch and pull back if it is not a strike. It is better to be ready and pull back than to get ready at the last second.

Swinging too early can also be a problem. The best way to practice the timing of your swings is to head to the batting cages or practice with a friend. Start with slower pitches, then once you get the timing right, try faster pitches.

Why Do I Keep Striking Out in Softball?

4) You don’t have the right swing

There are so many tips and tricks about the right swing when it comes to softball. The mechanics of the swing can get complicated, but practicing and getting help from coaches or other players can help you improve your swing, which can help reduce strikeouts.

You want to have a strong, confident stance in the batter’s box. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and keep your back in line with your feet, meaning don’t lean forward or back. Record yourself at bat so you can see how your swing looks in action.

5) You are not confident in your skills

Approaching the batter’s box feeling worried, anxious, or scared is one of the main reasons hitters strike out. Even if you know how to hit the ball and have practiced, it is important to feel confident during games so you can use your skills.

If you do not feel confident in your swing, stance, or hitting abilities, the best thing to do is practice as much as you can. This builds not only your skills, but also your confidence. The more confident you are, the more you are willing to try. Giving it your all can help reduce strikeouts.

6) You feel pressured

Even professionals strike out sometimes, but it can still feel disappointing and even embarrassing to strike out in front of friends and family. If you feel too much pressure during the game, this may be the reason you are striking out.

It is best to approach the game in general with a relaxed attitude. Don’t worry about the outcome of the game or if your teammates will be disappointed. Taking the pressure off helps your performance and helps you have more fun playing the game.


The best thing you can do to reduce strikeouts is practice often, take the pressure off of yourself, focus on perfecting your swing, and learn which pitches to swing at. Remember to be ready for every pitch, don’t miss opportunities, and give it your all. Go into the batter’s box feeling confident in your abilities.

Striking out is just a part of the game. Every player has struck out many times, even the professionals. The more you practice hitting, the fewer strikeouts you will get. However, even with hours of practice, you will still strike out occasionally.

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