Why Do Lacrosse Players Have Mullets?



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If it’s the first time to meet or interact with lacrosse players, a lot will come to mind. A good number of these guys I have met spot trendy sporting flow hairstyles. In fact, I couldn’t understand the buzz behind the hairstyle and had a lot of questions to ask.

One of the many questions I had in mind is, why do lacrosse players have mullets? Many of my friends who are not well-versed with lacrosse didn’t have any reliable answers. With profound research, I was informed that the mullets are just a part of the sports culture.

Many lacrosse players want to grow their hair long, and the best way to keep it short is by getting a mullet. This is the best way to keep the hair out of the eyes and short in the front for many players. Read on and find out why lacrosse player like to flaunt their mullets.

The Deep-Rooted History of Lacrosse and Mullet Hairstyle

Lacrosse is an incredible team sport that is played with a lacrosse ball and sticks. Its deep-rooted history goes way back many years ago when it was introduced to pass the time and reduce violence. Players use the head of the stick to pass, catch and carry and shoot the ball into the goal.

Many who play lacrosse have to wear protective gear as the game is quite competitive. A helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves help keep players safe. What has made the sport so famous and popular in many parts of the USA is the hairstyle these players display.

The “mullet” is a distinctive hairstyle that lacrosse players have popularized. It’s a style whereby the hair is cut shorter at the front, but it’s longer at the back. Every player knows that getting and keeping such a hairstyle is a tireless pursuit.

Probably there is a friend in the neighborhoods or college who wears a mullet. Lacrosse players give this hairstyle a lot of attention, and today am no longer surprised why there is a lot of fuss around this hairstyle. Even though hairstyles come and go, mullet has stood the test of time.

A lacrosse team that fancies mullet will immortalize in a timeless roster picture. However, the hair must be cut under the right conditions and given ample love. As a lacrosse fan, I assure those who don’t know much about this hairstyle that the finished product will leave many in admiration.

Go with the Flow and Get a Mullet

Thanks to my love for lacrosse, “Going with the flow” is a phrase that I use frequently. The good thing is that I have friends who play lacrosse and like flaunting their mullets. Flow is a term many players use to describe the long hair visible out of the back of the helmets.

This is a trend bringing back the mullet, and I won’t be left behind. It’s time to flaunt my haircut and embrace this trend. The mullet fade is my standout style but will give it a cleaner look. It’s time to bring mullet back, but the best way to do it is to have it long on the top and long in the back.

Like many lacrosse players, it’s easy and fun to kind of flick the hair to the side. For many players, getting a mullet is imperative, like attending daily practice. But then again, it’s more of a fashion and provides than a feel-good kind of attitude when playing.

The mullet has taken over the deep-rooted culture of lacrosse, and more fashion enthusiasts are embracing the hairstyle. Some players are growing long hair with a plan to donate to charity. Lacrosse players say that this is just a hairstyle and way of life. It doesn’t impact their triumph in the field.

Final Thoughts

Lacrosse is a popular sport that combines athleticism and skills. It’s full of fun, and there is no better way to spice the sport than flaunting distinctive and jaw-dropping hairstyles. The mullet is the go for a style that perfectly links with this sport.

Anyone can play lacrosse, and its deep-rooted heritage will open more opportunities to showcase exemplary skills. Bring more fun to the open field by getting a mullet and leave spectators in amusement. There is no better way to carry the day with this incredible and classic hairstyle.

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