Why Do Softball Players Have Two Bats? (Explained)



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Softball players use many different bat types in the game, but you may be wondering why you see softball players carrying two or more bats. The answer to that question is pretty simple.

Softball players carry two bats to use when warming up. Using two bats to warm up, then switching to a single bat while playing, will naturally increase a player’s swing speed. Softball players will also use the second bat as a backup in case the first is damaged.

We will look at the different bats used in softballs and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also look at other ways softball players can warm up before a game.

Why Do Softball Players Use Two Bats To Warm Up?

Softball players use two bats to warm up, and though it may look a bit odd, it serves an instrumental purpose. These two bats will effectively add weight to a player’s practice swing. The weight of the second bat will cause the player to exert more effort when swinging during the actual game.

This excess force will trick the player into using the same force when they remove the second bat, thus speeding up their swing when in play. Softball players use this method to warm up to get the most out of their swing during the game.

Are Backup Bats For Softball Players Necessary?

There are multiple reasons that you will see a softball player carrying two bats, aside from warming up. Softball bats come with different weights, and you may see players carrying two or more of them if they need to use a lighter option.

Softball players may need to use a heavier bat or fast-pitch bat during noticeably faster pitches. Heavier bats come with more strain on the player and possible fatigue, so softball players may switch to slightly lighter bats in cases of fatigue.

What Types Of Bats Do Softball Players Use And Why?

There are two distinct bats that softball players commonly use: fast-pitch bats and slow-pitch bats. Because of their features, players use these bats in either professional or amateur settings. Let’s look at each type of bat and which softball players might use them.

Fast-Pitch Bats In Softball

Softball players typically use Fast-pitch softball bats from a youth level to a college league. Fast-pitch softball bats typically have a weight drop between -8oz and -13oz. Weight drops are calculated by taking the bat’s length and subtracting the bat’s weight.

Players use Fast-pitch bats when playing fast-pitch softball. They are designed to hit softballs traveling at higher speeds and, since they weigh less, they allow you to have a much faster reaction to the pitch. As more college and professional leagues involve increased skill, they are usually fast-pitch games.

Slow-Pitch Bats In Softball

Slow-pitch softball bats are almost always thirty-four inches in length and are typically used in competitive or recreational leagues by players of any skill level. Most slow-pitch bats weigh between twenty-six and thirty ounces and are usually end-loaded. End-loaded slow-pitch bats use a heavier weight toward the swinging end of the bat.

Slow-pitch softball games are played in most amateur and minor leagues and use slow-pitch bats. Slow-pitch bats will slug a softball traveling at a lower speed. These bats are usually heavier than their counterparts, and can offer a more robust hit.

Could Softball Players Warm Up Without Two Bats?

You may be wondering if softball players can warm up without using two bats. The answer is yes! Bat weights, often called donuts, are added around the end of a softball player’s bat when warming up. Players use these donuts to weigh down the end of a softball bat.

The weighted bat donut will give your swing more momentum and force, just as using multiple bats will do. Softball players will often use a batting donut when practicing their swing to get used to the feeling of swinging with more force.

When on deck, players will use these bat donuts just before going up to bat. Once they are up, the batting donut will slip off, and the player will be able to swing as if it were still on the bat, giving them more momentum in the actual swing.


Softball players use two bats when warming up to give their swings more momentum. Two bats will weigh more than one and will train your muscles to use more force when swinging. Softball players often use bat donuts instead.

A softball player carrying a second bat may also be used for backup if their original bat is damaged or if they need to switch to a lighter or heavier bat based on their needs. More often than not, however, this second bat is used for a weighted warm-up.

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