Where Do You Put the Worst Player in Softball?



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Coaches usually put the worst player in the right field in softball. Not many hits go to the right field, so this position is best for inexperienced softball players. Your coach might move you to the right field if fielding is not your strong suit.

Coaches move players around frequently to see which player does well in each spot. They take into account each player’s strengths and weaknesses and place them in positions they think they will perform their best at. It is more about which skills each player has rather than who is the best or worst player.

Every position must be filled

The most important thing to remember when playing softball, or any sport, is that you are there to have fun. You should be focused on doing your best and having fun in whichever position you are put in. Remember that you are part of a team and every position must be filled.

Depending on your skill and experience playing softball, your coach may choose to move you to another position on the field. This shouldn’t make you feel bad if you are moved to a position that doesn’t get many balls, such as right field.

Different positions require different skills

Each position on the softball field requires different skills. As mentioned before, coaches move players around on the field based on where they think each player will perform their best. Remember, it is more about which skills each player has rather than who is the best or worst player.


The best person for the pitcher position is a mentally tough player who can bounce back, has a good feel for pitching, repeatedly throws strikes, has leadership skills, and knows the fundamentals of the game.


The catcher position is the most demanding. A good catcher has worked with the pitcher and is physically and mentally sharp.

A good catcher will have strong legs and be able to squat for long periods of time, a strong throwing arm to return the ball to the pitcher over and over, quick reflexes, and the ability to block runners.

First baseman

The first baseman is most likely one of the best hitters on the team. A great first baseman will be able to pick bad throws and throw the ball to the second baseman quickly for double plays. First basemen should have good reflexes, good fielding skills, and long arms to stretch for bad throws.

Second baseman

The second baseman position is the best position for players who play great defense but don’t have a strong throwing arm. The second baseman should be quick, understand the fundamentals of the game, and have excellent defensive skills.


It takes a lot of skill and athleticism to be a good shortstop. Shortstops must have excellent defensive skills, agility, arm strength, field vision, and knowledge of the fundamentals. Usually, the most experienced player will play the shortstop position.

Third baseman

The third baseman position is similar to the shortstop position. An excellent third baseman will be a great defensive player with a strong and accurate throwing arm, quick reflexes, and incredible hand-eye coordination.

Left fielder

Left fielders are typically fast runners with excellent fielding skills. The best player for this position is one who has good outfield defense and can cover ground quickly.

Center fielder

This position is similar to the left fielder in that you must have good fielding skills and be able to cover a lot of ground. Center fielders cover the most ground, so they should be excellent at reading fly balls and getting to the ball quickly.

Right fielder

A player in the right fielder position must have good defensive skills and a strong throwing arm. Right fielders must sometimes throw from the outfield to third base, which is a great distance.

The right fielder position doesn’t get as much action as the other positions. So even though this position requires fielding skills and a strong throwing arm, coaches sometimes put the most inexperienced player in this position.

Why coaches move players

Coaches move players around on the field for lots of reasons. Each player on the team has a different set of skills and a different level of experience, therefore it is an experiment to see which player plays best in which position.

The most common reason coaches switch a player’s position is because that position is not a good fit or they think another position would be a better fit. A player’s specific skill set should match the position they take. Sometimes, even if you are used to a certain position or prefer it over others, the coach will move you to see if another position would be better.

Serious softball players want the position with the most action, but not every player can be a pitcher, shortstop, or first baseman, As mentioned before, each position must be filled. Coaches move players around to allow each person to experience the excitement of different positions.


Every position on the field must be filled, which means not everyone gets the excitement or action of being a pitcher, shortstop, or first baseman. This is just something each player has to deal with.

Coaches move players around based on their skills and experience. Usually, the most skilled and experienced player will play shortstop while the most inexperienced player will play right field. However, this is not a hard and fast rule.

Check out here for more information on the skills each position requires.

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